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Welcome to the Cashback Bonus category on our site! With our Cashback Bonus program, you have the opportunity to earn cashback on various types of banking transactions, adding value to your financial journey. By engaging in activities such as salary crediting, credit card spending, and home loan instalments, you can earn attractive cashback rewards.

Our Cashback Bonus program offers flexibility and convenience. You can calculate your potential cashback bonus, allowing you to estimate the rewards you can earn. With no minimum account balance required, you can start earning cashback right away.

For certain promotions, such as our Extra Bonus Day, qualified cardmembers can enjoy an impressive 8% cash back on qualifying spend. This promotion provides an exciting opportunity to maximize your cashback rewards.

If you prefer to keep a lower balance in your Multiplier Account, our Cashback Bonus program may be a better fit for you. By utilizing both our POSB Cashback Bonus and DBS Multiplier calculators, you can determine the potential cashback earnings based on your transaction amount.

Explore our Cashback Bonus category and unlock the benefits of earning cashback on your everyday banking activities. Start maximizing your rewards and make the most of your financial transactions today!